Legal Impurity
I love Technology, and am a big fan of every aspect of it. My interest in Technology was born with the intriguing questions that kept arousing in my mind since childhood, about how things around work. These forced me to explore every technology around, from simple transistors to modern day LED TV's. I am passionate Hacker, who loves to break every security for the challenge in it. My second hobby is application development for iOS, Android and WP8. Being a network designer and administrator, I have good experience of working with Linux boxes and cisco routers. Being inclined towards the Open-source languages, I have developed in ruby, python and PHP. Also did some JAVA projects in college. I also love electronics a lot and have done a few embedded projects. Blessed with creative skills, I have designed for many multimedia projects in my school and college life. Currently, I am working at Amity Innovation Incubator.

Creator of Amizoner for iOS and WP8
Amizoner specializes in 'Attendance Monitoring & Planning' for Amitians. That includes your time table, your courses and few additions to make sure you never lose out on what's really important. It has over six thousand users, and counting.

Creator of Mr Pinger for Android
MrPinger is a new unique aplication fulfilling a requirement I had sometime ago. It has unique abilities to ping in the background continously using minimum resources. It can also create reports.

Creator of VAKIL for Android
VAKIL is a simple application for the Indian Lawyers to check Causelist, Display Board, Dairy and Bare Acts of various courts in India.

Creator of Bunker for WP8
Bunker has a simple interface, making it easy for anyone to use. The app is apt for its role, with the help of its bunking algorithm, that too offline.

I'm on Twitter with the handle @legalimpurity and that other popular social network.Contact me at: